This is awesome

It sort of makes you wonder what clips they didn’t include. Clearly, in no uncertain terms, Seb was not impressed by the bike, and all three other panelists are trying visibly to undo and smooth over everything Seb says. Simply awesome, and that’s before we even mention the cheesy round table format, bad stock music, and poor production quality.

Needless to say, I savored all four and a half minutes.

4 thoughts on “This is awesome

  1. Ahaha when 'the bible' flashed up at the end, just for a second i read it as 'terrible' which seemed fitting….

  2. When did Jason Segel get into mtn bike riding? This video made me want to pour magnesium all over my computer, light a match, and throw a beer at the fire (science). This was the version of King Arthur where the knights have left the round table, and the servants all sat down to play pretend. Seb is the only thing about this video that didn't make me watch to spoon a nuke in free fall. That berm slash at 3:55 is evidence that no one in room knows two fucks about what would make this bike ride better or worse than it may or may not already. I may not be a deathtrooper robot like the admins, but these idiots (except Seb, bc he hates the bike and his table mates) are all on the kill list, no redemption possible.

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