You’re all pussies

Thank you spending money and supporting our industry and my racing, but if you can’t turn an 11-36 cassette you are a gigantic pussy.

Just so we’re all on the same page: You don’t have to run a 40 tooth up front and be a tough guy. A 32 is fine. If you can’t turn a 34 with an 11-36 out back, you’re probably not going that fast down the hill anyway, so that 32 isn’t going to hold you back too much.

But if you honestly can’t pedal a 32 front-36 rear combo up everything short of a wall, you should just kill yourself. And just to clarify, it’s okay if you can’t clean every single climb on every single ride. That’s called mountain biking.

3 thoughts on “You’re all pussies

  1. I just ordered the Oneup cog, which makes me such a pussy that I can't kill myself. Could you strangle me with your gigantic legs that don't need low gears, please?

  2. Pushing your bike up a hill is called hiking. I prefer to mountain bike all the way up. The hikers are the pussies.

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