An open letter to Mike Sinyard

If you haven’t heard, it’s okay for Fuji to use the word “Roubaix” in the name of their road bikes, but it’s not okay for some random guy in middle of nowhere Alberta to use the word “Roubaix” in the of his tiny, one-location bike shop.

Because that guy and his bike shop are the number one obstacle standing between Specialized’s and more sales. Here’s a link to some guy who’s funnier than me, and his thoughts on the debacle:

Speaking of Canada, if you type “Specialized Evil” into Google image search, about halfway down the search returns you get an image of this guy’s shit eating grin:

Fun fact #1: The lawsuit came from Specialized Canada, not Specialized America. Specialized America is tight lipped about the whole thing and has not commented publicly.

Fun Fact #2: It turns out Fuji owns the name Roubaix and licenses it to Specialized.

Fun Fact #3: Fuji has reached out to the shop owner and told him he can keep the name, and has stated publicly that Specialized overstepped their license agreement by suing this guy.

Fun Fact #4: You already saw all that on Facebook.

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