6 thoughts on “Anybody but Gee

  1. a close friend of mine refers to gee atherton as the tom brady of mountain biking.


  2. How about anybody but Gwin. Fortunately for him someone told him not to talk about Jesus when he got the mike in front of his face hence …he now has nothing to say when said mike is shoved in his face. People hate on Gee because he actually takes the sport seriously…god forbid an athlete takes his sport seriously…especially an MTB athlete..who are supposed to be “a bro” and someone you can “relate to” …relate to this …Gee fucking works at it…so much so that other people hate him for it..because they know they could NEVER work that hard…and then the fucking haters use him as the gold standard for performance and put so much pressure on the guy you can seem him vibrating …do we dig Steve Smith ? hell yeah we do…but we should also dig Gee because he lives every single second to ride his bike downhill faster than anyone else.

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