7 thoughts on “How to freeride flick

  1. I feel compelled to let you know what I think of this blog: you are all a bunch of elitist dicks. Go eat a bag of yourselves. Merry Christmas!

  2. Charlie – did Santa come down the chimney…….and open up a couple cans of Whoop-Ass on you – with that X-mas stocking full of soap?

  3. I'm guessing the guy calling you an elitist got a Crankbrothers wheelset for Christmas.

    The sky scene and the riders tweaked body position in relation to his focused head makes it a sweet shot. Makes me want to go to Utah, the holy mecca of mountain biking, and spend a summer riding there living out of an old bus. It represents freedom, expression, adventure, and the rejection of the status quo.

    Yes it is a controversial move but that is precisely why it made its way to a cynical blog. You wonder, how did the rider get in this position? Fortunately, photograpghy is like art or music in that it is very subjective and you can make it so for you whatever you want it to do for you. It can inspire you or it can make you feel frustrated. It can make you feel free or it can trap you. It can humble you.

  4. The NSMB and pinkbike cretins are nonnying their way to imagined snark-victory here.

    “Hey Cam!”

    “Hey Seb!”

    “I scored 175 Putdown Points at Team Robot. I'm the first Anonymous in that thread about IMBA.”

    “Rad, dude. I'm the 2d anonymous and I pasted 165 PPs.”

    “Now we can get back to posting bland crap at our home base NSMB, where making every trail flat and boring is the way to grow the sport.”



    “Knucks. Gimme knucks.”

  5. RDK, are you trapped by cynicism or simply against freedom of speech? Bacon and flannel? You forgot skinny pants and beards, predictable cliche-counting Portland hater. But keep it up, maybe there is cash in the crass, though probably not like the pile of dough that freerider uncovered with his skid.

    Meanwhile Portland has a thriving indoor mtb park and there are rumors of a high school mtb league coming to the worlds greatest cycling city. Lets get these kids on 29ers now so they will be used to them when they jump into DH or enduro at a later age.

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