5 thoughts on “Anaheim One

  1. I fully understand why Team Robot would be at A1. Chaz has as much experience with qualifying for the main at a Supercross race, as he does at a UCI World Cup: None.

  2. No fuckin' way kitty. Fuckin' Massengill all the way. We rock the Massengill logo. It's badass irony. You wouldn't understand.

    Gotta run. Gettin' ink on the roof of my mouth. THUGZ 4 LIFE YO! and it's only costing me $5,000. Fuck yeah I love my trust fund, bit-CHEZZZZZZ.

  3. Prediction: A very physically fit but intellectually ignorant caucasion male will thank his almighty mythical Christian God for delivering him to victory after his win. “Couldn't have done it without the man above!…or some similarly stupid thing like Gwin would say. Dumbest professional athletes on the planet, no question. At least pro football players have to go to college for awhile…

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