Blind date

Everything’s going great, you’re doing the small talk thing, but obviously you want to ask a few of the important questions. Well it turns out you two have a lot in common, a lot of shared goals, you know? First of all, we’re talking suspension that’s air sprung, which in 2014 is a must-have; coils are all but a deal breaker. Then you find out there’s external rebound, HSC, LSC, and it even has an adjustable positive air spring volume? What, I can adjust spring rate and progressivity, too? Go on…

20mm axle, standard steerer, 38mm stanchions, this sounds like what you’ve always wanted. And then you hear those words, those words that can never be unsaid:

“After a three year development period, including extensive input from factory riders Garett Buehler, James Doerfling, and Brett Tippie, Suntour’s RUX dual crown fork…”

And just like that, the date is over. Of course you’re going to keep up the small talk, pay the bill, and be civil about it, but this is clearly a non-starter.

Why did they have to say that?

7 thoughts on “Blind date

  1. So it's not possible for a freerider with at least twice as much riding experience as you to know anything about suspension?

    Or is it because they are Canadian?

    Either way, just another teen age type post here lacking detail.

    Boxxer air not plush, 40 air not reliable. What are you gonna ride?

  2. It is categorically impossible for a freerider to know anything about suspension, beyond if it breaks, and if it goes squish. That's just science.

    Plush? LOL. Have fun with your Monster T.

  3. It's 2014, and time to update my hypothetical UCI Rankings for you Chazz. You'll be pleased to know you made some modest advancements in the standings this year:

    #562…..Babusheba_Sambu….. India

  4. The Gates Nicolai team from Germany is racing on Suntour forks and they did most of the testing. One of the guys lives next to me and talked a lot about it. He's not a top world cup guy, but he raced a few world cups and is fast enough and has the know-how to test this stuff.
    The fork is actually quite good, but the marketing guys preferred to name these freeride dudes as a reference instead of some unknown German downhill racers, who are actually faster than 99% of the average rider and know what they are doing!

  5. So what you're saying is that the marketing hype is just a load of bollox and nothing to do with what we tend to label as 'reality'?

    I'm truly shocked. Perhaps a rose by any other name is actually a bit sour.

  6. twice as much riding experience? you probably thought Tokyo drift was the pinnacle of motorsports achievement because they went “way more sideways” then the time you watched f1. if you knew how to ride a bike or knew anyone who did, they would tell you racers are on another level. can zink has to flip 60 foot drops to get paid because he can't hack it on the wc circuit. fact.

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