Die now

Do you remember flat bars? They’re almost completely dead, but not quite there yet. The tide has shifted, and people have realized how stupid they look and how bad they are for riding. Flat bars, please finish dying. Now.

On the other hand, I was at River City Bikes the other day, and they probably had 25 high-end MTB handlebars in stock, and none of them were over 10mm rise. So maybe we’re not out of the woods, yet.

9 thoughts on “Die now

  1. Dude, how else can short people ride 29rs. You think they care how retarded the handlebar looks when they themselves look like they're a midget riding a 26″ … All in lycra no doubt. Sometimes you just gotta laugh and then add their name to the kill list… no?

  2. Your options suck. Team Robot doesn't like them. That is what the point is here. I realize this is remedial for us, but it might be educational for Joe.

  3. The piece of tube that I would least want to ever have break on me – maybe put some unnecessary bends in it because someone in a marketing department in the late nineties decided that was cool* Makes total sense.

    My favourite is when you see people running negative rise stems to cancel out the rise of their bars, nice move genius.

    *or realised they could sell us more stuff we don't need, if you're cynical like that

  4. Actual bar height is a combination of fork a2c, head angle, stem height/length, bar rise, and stack height. Not just bar rise like you've assumed here.

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