Vital recently reviewed the new Nevegal X Pro, Kenda’s replacement for the classic Nevegal, the tire of choice for every VP-Free riding old guy camelbak-wearing DH racer at your local races.

Shocker of the century: the new tire also sucks.

I’ve prepared a graph to explain why I find this phenomenon so fascinating:

6 thoughts on “Shocker

  1. Never doubt him……Charlie Is a Professor of Engineering and The Director of Locomotive Sciences at M.I.T.
    He almost won the Noble Prize in 2010

  2. You have to be serious to make a good product. Attention to detail, multiple cycles of testing, that sort of thing. You have to be the kind of person who realizes that products+that+suck.jpg was not good enough and that the only thing to do, the only thing that you could be proud of, was to iterate and create products+that+suck2.jpg

    We, your public, thank you.

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