Aussie National Series

2014 Australian MTB National Series Dates

Round 1: January 17-19, Eagle Park, Adelaide, SA 

Round 2: February 7-9. Mt Buller, VIC

Round 3: February 21-23, Thredbo, NSW

National Championships: March 6-10, Bright, VIC

Not a lot of commentary here, but just for fun I plugged all those race locations into google:


1. Not a lot of driving (relatively speaking)
2. Anyone from Cairns or Perth is pissed.
3. Maybe America as a country needs to start telling people on the East Coast that they can either suck it up and get used to driving, or move somewhere with real racing, like this half of the country.

8 thoughts on “Aussie National Series

  1. Real racing? That's the funniest joke you've made in ages!

    Which side of the US is producing talented, motivated, WC level junior racers? Or did you forget about 2013 Junior Worlds already?

    Don't be sad, the PNW has funnier bloggers, no doubt.

  2. Unfortunately, news flash is pretty spot on… what's the west coast got in terms of DH racing (current events only)?

    -NW Cup = pretty good, but the tracks are tired (I'm looking at you Skibowl)
    -MSC = Dead
    -Fontana = LOL
    -Sea Otter = LOOOLLOLLOl
    -A couple of decent but random events (Mammoth? China peak?) I've never been to either…

    East coast has a decent series and Plattekill- which is awesome.

  3. The country is just too big. Why bother about races outside Cascadia? Just keep riding and building trail. Ever check out the Yacolt? I'd rather be climbing gravel and dodging bullets than wait in line at a ski resort. NW.

  4. Then you probably date your sister.

    East coast racing isn't great but west coast is overrated. Half the enduro races are like Super D compared to Europe, a lot of DH tracks are overrated compared to local trails n nearby, and PA has got to be the most overrated area I've raced at. Wait in line, shuttle in the back of a smelly, steamy , overcrowded uhaul on bumpy roads while your bike gets tangled with the one next to it then hike a little, wait a little more, then finally ride the boring straight section at the beginning before finally getting into the rest of the trail that is way too short. I got 3 runs in one day and spent 3 hours in line, yeah! PA was not rad for me, wish all the dh races we're at the ski areas.

  5. Wisconsin has the best racing. It's called the wors series. Wisconsin off road race series. It's were all the best riders race. Now give me your tater tots

    Oh, right, and some people got their asses togetherto run a World Cup race in NY…

    except for one race in the PNW and Mammoth(finals, the week before Vegas, PERFECT), all of the races are within 5 hours of the homes of 2013 Jr. World Champion, 2014 Women's GRT champion and #2 UCI ranked American.

    All of those “pros” that live West of Dixie better start shutting up and having fun and planning to hang out RIDING ALL OF OUR SWEET LIFT ACCESSED TERRAIN this Spring…

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