That’s a big one

No two ways about it: Brendan Fairclough is an animal. Photo stolen from Aspect Media/Jacob Gibbins.

This photo is also exhibit #396b of the ever-expanding storyline I’m working on. I call this story “how much talent, skill, and determination it takes to consistently not quite hack it at the top level of the sport.” 
And please don’t try to tell me “Fairclough doesn’t [work hard/try hard/pedal/focus].” As we can see in the above photo, Brendan Fairclough is a complete psycho, but even a guy who can shift into animal mode like Fairclough still only possesses 99.99998% of what it takes to win a World Cup.
These guys are so good at riding bikes you should cry yourself to sleep tonight.

2 thoughts on “That’s a big one

  1. Fairclough sent a much bigger gap on that Specialized BRO video with Benedict and that guy who rides enduro now and I have conveniently forgotten his name. He was riding somewhere in Cali on a green S-Works Enduro. Sends a double the same size of this then boosts a huge stepdown later in the video. Must have been close to 40 ft. Freak

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