In the ongoing case against Canada

Seriously, these are some of the worst looking bikes ever made. Am I the only person seeing this?

“Oh, but that’s an ’09 Delirium, Charlie. The new ones are better.”
Here’s a pretty modern, sleek looking 2013 Knolly build, with reasonable parts in a tasteful all black scheme with a few subtle green accents. Tell me, in your heart of hearts, what’s the worst looking part of this bike. Honestly:
I’ll give you a hint:
You know, the part that Knolly’s responsible for.

12 thoughts on “In the ongoing case against Canada

  1. Yo dawg, I heard you like linkages. So I put linkages on your linkages.

    That's actually my first yo dawg joke ever. Bringing it back hot topic style.

  2. Try riding one they are actually very responsive. The technology used is impressive the ability to fine tune the shock rate indepented of wheel path has so many advantages. Having an active suspension also has many benifits.

  3. Pretty much any 4-bar style bike can be designed with wheel path independent of shock rate. So…

  4. I've always hated the look of Knollys designs. BUT, extra linkage and all, i do have a soft spot for the podium. i think it looks good

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