I… just don’t… understand

First off, what is that music? If you had slow mo shots of Brook MacDonald heli-choptering onto the top of some fog-covered craggy New Zealand peak and then contemplating his life and existence before dropping in on the gnarliest, rockiest downhill ever, then maybe you could get away with that sort of epic bro-bra song.

Like, I don’t know, this:

Seriously, try listening to the Reece Wallace music while watching the Brook video. Still a horrifically overproduced video, but at least the horrifically overproduced song is a better fit.

But no, you’re just going kinda fast, in slow-ish conditions, on a one day hike-a-bike filming session at your local trails. You’re not reinventing mountain biking here, bro. No, you’re just freeride flicking your way up a few spots on the KILL LIST:

For comparison, here’s another video of about the same length, featuring a guy riding the same frame in a similar way. I think the quality of riding in this next video is pretty good, making it a good point of comparison. Count how many free ride flicks you see in this next video:

10 thoughts on “I… just don’t… understand

  1. Somebody paid for a helicopter film crew to chase Brook down an access road. That's lame by 1998 standards. It's not even a trail. A Toyota Camry could drive up it…

  2. Yeah, that road is not even knarly, let alone “knarliest”. The snow video was a little better but I'm not sure which one has worse music. I just wanna see more videos of people following little dogs down the trail, those vids are all that excites me anymore.

  3. Danny/Brook are World Cup race winners. Reece is a second rate freerider with mediocre at best big bike skills. Editing mediocre riding skills with epic bro-brah music and over production is not flattering. You're trying to hard brah.

  4. Chazz- here is a good FORMULA for creating YOUR:
    “Welcome to the Felt Team” web edit video:
    1st- Instead of wearing TLD…….keep it old school and just wear some gray sweatpants, denim jacket (with no shirt on) and an American flag bandana, with mirror sunglasses……..
    Then get some clips of you just raging down the trail, catching air and what not…..
    Have Cory tepper edit up a vid segment with ICP's song “Miracles” playing……. and BOOM- you got a Vital/Pinkbike web edit.

    for reference ^^

  5. Yeah dude, ICP is my jam! I seriously know every word to Miracles, Homies, and What is a Juggalo; they're all on my pre-race pump up playlist! Whoop whoop, MMFWCL

  6. If you're going to call somebody out for pretending to “re-create” something, maybe you should stop doing the same.. **Cough** Brotocross wannabe**Cough**

  7. Yes. Thank you! More Kamloops skids – going slow to look cool.

    I bet Giant is so proud of him.

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