Spotted in BRAIN

Lyrical, even poetic. 
This one, from the same issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, might be even better:

6 thoughts on “Spotted in BRAIN

  1. Hilarious, Are they finally giving up on Tektro to manufacture their brakes or are they just going to hire someone to try to help Tektro make brakes that are reliable. After recalls, years of countless trail failures, and literally thousands of warranties, its great to see SRAM being proactive about this. But for the salary they are going to pay this engineer, they could just have Shimano put SRAM logos on ZEE brakes and we would all be better off. Instead the mountain bike community will continue to be gunea pigs as SRAM/Tektro continues to experiment with how to make reliable brakes.

  2. Are you looking for a jobby job in the biz, or something? You should have applied for that job as Rachael Atherton's mechanic/massage boy. After a while she may even let you munch her box too. 😉

  3. Sometimes the world provides the content. Good job in just sitting back and letting it transmit………..

  4. oh look more brainless turds regarding avid.

    a decent portion of avids new stuff is being manufactured in house. they are attempting to severe ties to their tektro contracts over the next few years.

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