Working in the bike industry

Everyone always asks me, “Charlie, if you love riding so much, why don’t you find a job in the bike industry?”

This is what conversations with friends look like for me, except without the females, diversity, or friends.

Of course I always smile and nod, tell them what a good idea that is and that I’m totally going to look into that, but really there’s no way in hell. Here’s why:

From Forbes list of ten most hated jobs:

#2: Director of Sales and Marketing

#3: Product Manager

#4: Senior Web developer

#9: CNC machinist

#10: Marketing Manager.

So for starters, pick one of the top ten most hated jobs. Then prepare to work directly, day in and day out, for the rest of your life, with people working four of the other most hated jobs. And don’t make good money, and pretty much don’t ride bikes, either.

Sounds awesome.

This post is dedicated to EM, JK, ML, PBJ, KVH, and the rest of the gang that has to put up with me. Thanks.

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