I’ll take “signs you should sell dual crown forks with a drop crown for $400, Alex.”

“What is Mick Hannah’s BOS?”

If that image isn’t enough to end the existence of flat bars, I don’t know what will.
Flat bar riders of the world, let me ask you: if you know something that Mick Hannah doesn’t, please let him know. We’re all rooting for him, so if he needs to be running a lower front end please help him out and tell him why. Because apparently he didn’t get the memo.

In a related news story check out this sick crusher inside line Mick Hannah is hitting at that same race. No one mentioned how sick this photo is because commenters on Pinkbike don’t actually ride bikes:

Handlebars: where your hands hang out while your hips and feet do all the work.

7 thoughts on “Jeopardy

  1. The freeriders can claim complete victory on this one. So many racers were so wrong for so many years on the issue of stem height. Quotes from pro DH racers that stood out:

    “You want to the bars to be low so you can get over the front of the bike and control it.”

    “If your bars are high you are just leaning back waiting for things to happen. “

    “High bars are for freeriders and freds.”

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