11 thoughts on “Moments later this man died

  1. Not a huge fan of the 888 for racing either, but this is mostly the result of a hard backseat lading to flat with a 62-63 degree head angle, turned into probably 55 or so by the rear being completely bottomed out. I've seen Boxxers not want to initiate travel in a parking lot and then feel fine once on the slop, but woe to those landing flat, pray for your head tube, stanchions, or both. Speaking of stanchions, look at the flex in those things! Did they bust? Did the frame break just behind the headtube? such a compelling action sot!

  2. News Flash: Front and rear suspension does not always bottom out at the same time, depending on how the rider lands. Boxxers and especially 40's have a much more established tradition of seizing up.

  3. yeah but look at the front and rear tire air pressure. It's bottoming at the same time. Dude can't set up the bike.

  4. Did b stenz just call himself a dipshit?

    Chaz is clearly chafed about the the bar height victory by freeriders which he recently unknowingly exposed.

  5. Didn't Brook Macdonald win a world cup in 2012 on one? And with flat pedals no less. He didn't win anything on his 40 last year, just crashes and injuries. I heard FOX is moving production overseas, bummer.

  6. you're fucking dumb charlie. me and my 888 will eat your puny ass out with a spoon.

  7. watch out! charlie squirts air out of his noodley, high maintenance, low performance fox dick.

    and to think, a diamondback rider talking shit on other racers' set ups….

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