Being a World Cup downhill racer must be so tough, it never ends.

First you have to custom fit a 40 cartridge into your otherwise unridable 888.

Then you have to remove that abortion of a stem and put one on that wasn’t designed by a four foot tall French version of me: not that fast but full of dumb ideas and theories.

Then, once you get your bike working decently, you still have to have to win a World Cup so you can get on a real team with a real bike.

And even after you do all that, you go and hurt your shoulder and miss half the season. The whack-a-mole never ends.

Here’s to 2014 Brook. You’re getting better at the game.

2 thoughts on “Whack-A-Mole

  1. Now watch the combination of his clipless pedals, big wheels, and non-inverted fork seizure cause him to crash and miss the whole season.

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