6 thoughts on “Clay Porter eat your heart out

  1. the internet giveth and the internet taketh. Chins up, everyone. Follow your passions, pursue your dreams, take the piss out of each other and don't take yourselves too seriously.

  2. If it doesn't have lots of shots of people's eyes and segments which try to turn bike racers into male fashion runway models, along with lame-ass music that sheltered 7th graders LOVE, it's not a Clay Porter movie.

  3. Dear Spazsel,

    I enjoy riding with you and racing with you is even more of a profound experience. I imagine, owing to all the shit that has spewed from your stinky and oversized fingertips, that you are Pubic (re: Public) Enemy #1 at Sea Otter.

    Here is a list of all the vendor booths you should avoid:

    Aww fuck it. Avoid them all Spazsel!
    Have fun! Talk shit! Be mocked in VitalMTB coverage. Finish mid-pack. Concede it was expensive. Eat fast food. Reconsider pre-race routine where you do something that both makes you late and also makes you extra tired. Drive back with the plan of re-focusing this season on Trials.

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