Exciting Opportunity!!

If you want a chance to win the worst tires in the world, head over to Vital and vote for this week’s photo of the week:


Yes, you too can ride a scaled up version of the same tires HB rode back in his course cuttin’ days:

And by scaled up, I’m referring to the 29″ and 650b tires. If you get the 26″ version, they’re literally exactly the same tire HB rode in 1990.
All of the 26″ Panaracer Fire tires in existence were made in 1991 after HB won World Champs, and this contest on Vital is just another attempt for Panaracer to get rid of them. When people buy Fire tires they ride them twice and then throw them away, and the Panaracer people go to the dumpster, clean the tires up, repackage and resell them. And the cycle continues.
If we’re going to split the hair, I think HB was on a Smoke and Dart combo at Worlds in 1990, but that’s neither here nor there.

4 thoughts on “Exciting Opportunity!!

  1. Submitted by Chase Emmons a cross-country rider from Northampton, MA

    Date Reviewed: April 9, 1998

    Bottom Line:

    I was sent an advance set of these because I do R&D for Foes Racing. I love them! I was a Mythos lover, but these tires are my '98 choice for XC. The red compound in the side-wall is a bit strange, but it kind of grew on me. Hell, it's better than that god-aweful rust color on the Mythos. I'd still like to see a completely black tire. Maybe the companies should realize that .000005 extra grams of carbon black won't be so bad?
    5 yellow/red things for holding a fast line, out-climbing my legs, and solid braking.
    Minus 1 yellow/red thing for the color scheme.

  2. FYI, whipper snapper, Michelin Hot S was the best tire of this era, because the rubber was ALL RED, and the sidewalls, ALL BLACK.

  3. Even though thouse are Onza Porcupines on HB's bike I still am with ya that thouse tires still suck

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