When you make a comment, use a name. Your name, someone else’s name, a pseudonym, anything. Just don’t be a puss and leave a comment as “anonymous.” Especially if we’re going to play internet war in the comments section.

If you want to see a good engineer dork-out fight, check out the comments section for “Those poor M6 bolts,” the Minnaar stem height post. Classic.

6 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Is this where the snarky and hilarious comments go? Keep up the good work, robots. I now base all my riding gear purchases on the fashion forward thinking found throughout this blog. If it weren't for you I'd be still be rocking ankle socks like some kind of buttfucker. That's not necessarily a gay thing.

  2. I think we could do some networking. My email is f*ckOff_IHopeYouCrash_YouShouldGetTogetherWithMyExGirlfriend_DoesAnyoneoneReallyCare?_IfAnyoneDeservesEbolaItsYou_GetOnTheNextSpaceShuttleAndDontComeBack_IHopeYouFallOnAnAxeHeadFirst_PainIWishYou@SatanIsMyFriend.f*ckYou

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