11 thoughts on “Listen to Mitch Ropelato say "dampening"

  1. Really, after what you just posted previously about Engineers, you are calling someone out for misappropriating a technical engineering term? Are you jealous because he qualifies? Douchebag.

  2. Nobody is more desperate than some anonymous 40+ car 1 racer who would try to call out Shaums March for racing in his age group because he wants to compete at World's.


  3. Damping and dampening are interchangeable you dumb fucks. Nothing worse than arguments about semantics where both parties are wrong. Screw off jackholes

  4. To 'damp' is a portmanteau– they are interchangeable if you don't care to know what you're talking about. Nothing worse than an argument about semantics when you seem really passionate about it (esp. if you're wrong).

  5. This argument pales in importance. First we must fix the people who think a single fork requires “s” at the end of the word even when the bicycle uses a single fork. Then we must correct the UK people who think the word aluminum needs an additional “i” where that addition adds nothing.

  6. Nothing worse than being wrong AND arrogant about it.That is all.

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