13 thoughts on “Is that even a real name?

  1. The Raising of the Kids, this is currently the first line on your site- “So we mountain bike now, as any rider nows, great sport.”

    I could do this on the nows and point out the simple errors found in a single line of your type, but that's too easy. lets just explain satire.

    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Not only is satire a universal language it's also one of the many items specifically protected in the 1st amendment of these damn fine United States of America. LET FREEDOM RING.

  2. No one cares how many languages you speak Welshy. If you can't speak sarcasm you're as good as a mute

  3. My, my, a typo in something I wrote online: not the only person to ever do that, surely…. Satire? Yes, quite familiar with it, didn't see any in that piece in team robot though. And, calling someone “Welshy” is racist, as in a person's nationality being used in a derogatory manner. Done.

  4. There is a difference between a typo and an incoherent sentence.

    What are these screen caps even from?

  5. Welshy is a racist term now, really? What about yankee? In that case don't be such a twat. Or are you a feminist welsh, in which case don't be such a prick.

  6. Welsh vowel economy makes Scrooge envious.

    Nice work on the hand-holding there, Adam. Nobody's ever told you about how you water down satire when you explain it, eh?

  7. Gee. So much potential for comment here. First, let us note that, regardless of whether he's actually Welsh or Northumberlandonian, Mr. Haythrornewaite has at least had the good grace and sense to ease our burden with his diametrically short first name, “Ed”.

    Thanks, Ed.

    Second, a note to Butthurt Raising the Kids. No reference was ever made to “The English”. The Robot used the term “British”, which, since Napoleon, has included Welshonians. (If I were the Robot I would have done an instant correction to put “Wales” in place of Welshonians. But I'm both human and American, so how would I know? We can all agree, though, that The English assured centuries of schoolboy torture by promulgating a vast set of grammatical rules, none of which ever apply uniformly)

    But, I digress. Back to Butthurt Raising Kids. It seems you projected onto the Robot an intent to denigrate the Welsh vis a vis the English. But there was no such intent. (Why bother? The Robot is saving death and destruction for the Apocolypse) So, then, Butthurt, why the display of lightning-fast reflexive offense on your part?

    Finally, all of us over here in the New World, including robots, are now able to speak, mostly against our will, two languages.

    Si. Se puede

  8. I'm not convinced most Americans can even speak one language, and I live here.

    “That guy has a funny name, I think I'll blog about it. That guy said damping different than me, I think I'll blog about it.”

    Dumb me down culture from Generation Waste.

  9. Wahoooooo! I've made it onto Team Robot! As Strobel said, life complete.

    Best website in the world, keep it up.


    PS> The name Haythornthwaite comes from Lancashire (which is in England). And to prove just how lazy American's are my relatives who moved to the USA a few generations ago have shortened their name to Haythorn. Lazy bastards.

  10. Can't believe Ed made it to the best bike site in the world without being rinsed for anything other than his name. There's so much to take the piss out of! So much.

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