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I watch a lot of James’ videos, and a lot of what he has to say is useful, but does anyone feel like he’s just making stuff up sometimes? I don’t mean inventing exercises, that would be rude to suggest. What I mean to say is that, sometimes, the sheer volume of new exercises that he churns out leads me to believe that maybe he’s stretching to come up with material. Dennison-ing, if you will.

I’m all about self-promotion, and I get that in this new web-based world new content is always good content, but how many more new exercises can James recommend? James has 247 videos. Not every one of those videos has three exercises. Some focus on one exercise (a la the deadlift), some give seven new exercises (a circuit, if you will), but most of them have two or three exercises that James recommends. Just for fun let’s say each video averages out to three new exercises, and let’s do the math:

247 videos x 3 new exercises per video ÷ 3 workouts per week ÷ 15 exercises per workout= 17 weeks to do every exercise, assuming I never repeat a workout.

So that means if I never take a break from my plan, I’ll do every exercise about three times a year, and my operating assumption is that he’s going to keep making these videos. How much is enough? What’s the intended goal? Should I be selectively ignoring some of these exercises he recommends? Should my body ever get used to a routine, or should it be in a constant state of shock?

For the sake of mathematics I also assumed that I’d work out three times a week and stick to my plan, but I think we all know neither of those is going to happen. That would take dedication and professionalism, and if I had those qualities I’d be out winning races, not sitting at home looking out the window and writing a B-rate comedy blog.

Dream training plan:

Actual “training plan:”

The Oreo Mcflurry pictured above is, calorically speaking, very similar to chocolate milk, which is the ultimate recovery drink. So basically I’m recovering like a pro. That’s science.

3 thoughts on “Too much

  1. Ok, but how do you justify the chicken Mcnuggetts? Better yet, how do you actually even swallow them without vomiting? They produce them from human bodies which are grown by robots in pods, like in the movie The Matrix.
    Hmmm…maybe that actually explains why you like them.

  2. Charlie, you need to Get Out- and start training for the MTB Olympics in Brazil,…..or start trying to qualify somewhere……….
    *** Thats where the big time Enduro racing shit is……***

    Imagine, -the UPS man at your door every day with boxes and boxes of product people wanna sponsor you with….

    And i just dont see that happening – or you making it to Brazil in 2016, – by sitting on the couch, looking like the only thing your training for is a chicken nugget eating contest. Remember: you have to be at a “Top Fitness Level” for the zumo to work.

    #rio2016 #trainingfortheolympics

  3. The reason you didn't win the last race was because you haven't been doing what James is about to tell you in his next video.

    Remember when he said he had scientific proof to show flat pedals were more efficient?

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