In summary

How to ruin a budding World Cup downhill career:

Fill in the blanks with whatever disappointing up-and-coming rider de jour comes to mind.

Winning more bike races < girls and Lamborghini's.

3 thoughts on “In summary

  1. Maybe if you hadn't signed that huge multi-year corporate Diamond Back deal you wouldn't have lost your edge, but then on top of that you made all that cash writing Pinkbike articles and really demotivated yourself. And now you've resorted to racing enduro and super D more than DH; a sure confirmation that your best days are behind you.

  2. is it true?
    team robot is just a corporate shill?

    real robots like myself are really concern that this website maybe a farce.

    is team robot just a bunch of ball licking industry douchebag brobrahs?

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