The News for Thursday, May 15:

Point Break now available in its entirety on Youtube.
Tomas Slavik dies of asphyxiation while shooting mountain bike photos in Bali.
Witnesses on the scene report that Slavik, age 26 of the Czech Republic, was with a film crew trying to capture the ultimate “brown pow” Photo Of The Day on Pinkbike. Doctors at Bali’s International Medical Center confirmed that the shitty pile of dust that Slavik ran into at full speed was the source of the particulate matter that Slavik asperated, coating the inside of Slavik’s lungs and resulting in a fatal lack of oxygen to the brain and other vital organs.

Witnesses also reported that the berm slash resulting in Slavik’s early death was “epic,” “a total banger,” and “so legit.”

Enduro recap videos are still uncomfortably foreign and weird.

In a recent USA Today poll, most mountain bikers in America reported that while they were “really, totally trying to get into it, dude, seriously,” American viewers found that Enduro recap videos from Europe “still weren’t doing it” for them.

The respondents polled gave a number of reasons why recent recap videos fell short of expectations.

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  1. Totally besides the point, but I got to ride these trails last year and this definitely falls in the category of: shit that looks gnar if you've ridden it. Think Champrey, but less rad.

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