I know lots of people who throw this term around.

In fact, all of the people I know who say #nodignoride have trails I’ve ridden at without digging. Maybe that makes me an asshole, but it also makes their words meaningless and silly. Especially if you ride at the Post Office, dropping tough talk like #nodignoride is transparent and meaningless.

It’s a lifestyle, bro.

Also, can we just talk about what a dumb policy #nodignoride is? There are two fundamental problems with this buzz phrase:

1. Summer. It’s this part of the year where the sun comes out and bakes everything rock hard. This is both the best time to ride trails, and the worst time to work on them. Yeah, you can clear new lines and make rough piles of dirt during the summer, but unless you have mega access to water you aren’t shaping or building anything new during the summer. Digging during the summer requires either a pick axe or heavy equipment, and using a backhoe doesn’t really count as “digging” anyway. Most real digging happens in the other three seasons.

Wild guess? This photo wasn’t taken in July.

2. Friends. I don’t have any, but here’s a hypothetical: when you have a friend visit from out of town during, just for the sake of argument, summer, are you going to say “sorry, it’s too dry to dig, so I guess you can’t ride.” Really? You’re an idiot.

The guy in the green is actually chasing the other guy away because he didn’t dig first.

#nodignoride could just be translated to #idigsometimesandiwanteveryonetoknowaboutitsoiinventedthishastagsopeopleknowhowcoreiam

Also, I chose photos of BMX trail spots because mountain bike trails suck. The only exception is the jungle maybe. Maybe.

4 thoughts on “#nodignoride

  1. I moved a log off a trail once. So in case anyone asks, “I build trails all summer long.”

  2. I once made the comment on a Pinkbike poll last year about this topic….., that No Dig No Ride was really a veiled way of saying:
    “You didn't build these jumps, so we don't want you to ride here”

    I think I got -57 negative props the last time I checked.

    If I ride a jump set twice a year, (cuz its two or four hours away from my house)… am I somehow obligated to “build” another jump somewhere there?

    The REALITY that I see when i go to some strange jumps somewhere is……….only the 11 to 15 year old kids, trying to be cool or act tough will mumble some shit about “no dig no ride”.

    Even Eric Davies, the poster boy for #no_dig_no_ride, — would surely ride strange trails with out digging.

  3. Don't forget joining some shit show work party of Joeys put on by your local trail club with 13 chiefs and 12 indians. “Nah bro, we gotta put more quarter minus in that berm. It'll totally settle in with some more rain.”

  4. That's why years ago we instituted a “no pig, no ride” policy. It may be midsummer and that shovel will ping off dirt like the concrete it is, but show some respect and let's eat some fuckin bacon!

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