Data dump

Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s been collecting dust in my tabs on Chrome. Yes, I’m finally using Chrome now. Take a step into robot world:

Saw that “Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip” stuff on Pinkbike, turns out Uncle Dick wasn’t the first person to think about this idea. Might have to try this stuff. Robots have trouble with rubber tires, because our hands are made of metal, and robots are strong.

My foray into car world continues. Rebuild or replace that oil pump, or just drive around with low-ish pressure until it blows up? And don’t say “why don’t you try running thicker oil,” yes I’m already running 20w-50 and Lucas Oil stabilizer. It’s a Chrysler product with 230,000 miles on it, and I’ve been informed repeatedly that it’s a bonafide miracle it still rolls with that sort of mileage. The owner’s manual doesn’t even include regular maintenance suggestions after 120,000 miles, because I think at that point you’re playing with house money.

The Golden Chariot. Truly, a glorious machine:

The girls are all up ons.

Here’s a classic Pinkbike World Champs race report from 2004 at Les Gets, written by the old Canadian Mike Jones that rides for Norco, not the new Welsh Mike Jones that rides for Chain Reaction. This is so old that Pinkbike was still running portrait-oriented photos. It’s important, so read it and educate yourself. Kyle Strait finished 3rd in Juniors at age 17. FACT.


You know it’s legit when it’s got the Pinkbike watermark.
“Ride to the Hills,” in it’s entirety. I met Andrew Shandro last weekend at the Port Angeles race, and he was blown away and borderline sad that I’d never seen it. Sorry, Andrew.
I’ve been trying to figure out a way to say this politely, but I can’t, so here goes: Dissent Labs make socks. That’s what they do. Dissent Labs will probably tell you that they make high-performance compression socks that enable today’s athletes to push the boundaries and progress their sports, but at the end of the day they make socks. And apparently people get really excited about it, because it seems like every up and comer or down and goer on the Sea to Sky Corridor is sponsored by Dissent Labs. I’ll say it again: they make socks.

Everytime I look at that shirt I laugh, which I think means it’s a good idea. Also, see: “making one-off t-shirts is really expensive.” I like that “$13.48 each” price, but something tells me we’re going to have trouble moving 100 of them.

7 thoughts on “Data dump

  1. I'll take 20 of the shirts. Just to hang on every wall in my house so that I'm never NOT looking at that picture.

  2. They're just really comfy socks! Being that everyone on the west coast of Canada is sponsored by them I'm sure we could smuggle you down a free pair or two along with a harvest of BC bud.

    But really Mt Hood, I'm assuming you'll be there.. Thick or thin socks and what size.

  3. Car advice: If you're going to all the trouble of getting to the oil pump, you should replace.
    Or try STP Oil Treatment. Try and pour a bottle and you'll know why.

  4. Hey AnotherShyCanadian — please try to smuggle back to Whistler a size large Team Robot t-shirt — will pay you back.

    For real, keep up the good work TR.

  5. i cannot believe that is your pussy wagon.. you going to get the new town and country when this dies? or are you more of an odyssey man?

  6. Oil flow =/= Oil pressure

    Replace that thing. Just because the pump is working harder with thicker oil doesn't mean its getting where it needs to go properly.

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