"Richie Schley helping with development of new DH for German brand Rotwild."

I can’t make this stuff up. I just, I just… there are no words:

A few days ago to get my kicks I had to pick on some random kid from Idaho or Wyoming or somewhere, some random kid who was just stoked on his new fork. Now tonight I’m ready to call it quits and head upstairs, I go to check out one more site, and then BOOM!!!
Rotwild’s paying Schley to develop a race bike.
Oh, and what riding picture do they use in the early press release? Of all the riding pictures?
The one, the only, the Schleyble Top.
It’s too good to be true. It actually hurts a little because it feels so right. Sometimes, sometimes the Gods smile upon you. I’m not ready to fully debrief this right now, so I’ll have to revisit this in the morning.
Don’t worry random kids in Wyoming, this should keep me angry and distracted for a while, weeks maybe. I feel like a new ROBOT again. To tide you over until I have time to really think this situation out, here’s more amazing photos of Richie and his Rotwild’s:

8 thoughts on “"Richie Schley helping with development of new DH for German brand Rotwild."

  1. Schleyer must have had a defective batch of jimmy hats.
    Swelling the bank account in fear of massive paternity suits!

    Da Germans are genetically disposed to say yes to blond hair and blue eyes..

  2. Proof that ANYONE can have a career in the mountain bike industry if they are BRO enough. The poster child for bro.

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