Attack of the lawyers

You tell me which one looks like more fun:
Heckle Rock before the lawyer fence
Heckle Rock after the lawyer fence

If that wasn’t enough, a bunch of the Kiwi’s and JAFA’s tried to hold an unofficial whip-off on Crabapple Tuesday afternoon. If you remember your history all the way back to three years ago, that’s the way the “official” whip-off got started, with a bunch of assholes hiking runs on crabapple and some buddy of theirs’ keeping score. The suits got wind of the plan this year (facebook is not your friend, kids), and it was game over. The suits shut down the mini-event, and closed crabapple for the rest of the day. Yeah, they just closed Crabapple. No big deal. You know, Crabapple Hits? Maybe you’ve heard of them, those jumps that are, like, half the reason I go to Whistler?


JAFA= Just another F#&%ing Aussie

2 thoughts on “Attack of the lawyers

  1. I felt like they ate it just a little bit when half of the riders dropped out of the whipoffs after what they called the qualifiers… Or when the entire crowd left before they could hold their whipoff superfinals.

    Lets face it, we didn't show up to see an elimination round to see who whipped 2 degrees further. We showed up to see a nack in flipflops, corkflips, and other various sick shit.

  2. yeah whip off worlds is over. no video coverage on pb even. i was drunk and PISSED the other night. who gives a shit about some turd 14 year old who can whip his jello bones? i want to see old drunk dudes in flip flops whip into a wheel chair.

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