5 thoughts on “A message from Five Ten

  1. Chazz, you need to relax a bit. My advice to you is:
    – just forget about your races for the next 10 days…………. and head down to the Burning Man Festival……..

    Cuz whether your dressed up in an 80's style robot costume, or just chilling out with only a backpack and a Speedo on,….
    its guaranteed to be insane……(with or without any peyote).
    You can run into Lance Armstrong one minute- and 10 mins later, be getting baked with Insane Clown Posse!!! YEAAHHHHH!!

  2. Yeah, I wondered the same thing. I need new Impacts, and seeing some of these Fiveten sponsored athletes wearing the olden times editions has me wondering. Maybe its a superstition thing like wearing underwear inside out?

  3. The new impacts are a big fucking joke. The one pair of them I have lasted like 3 weeks before the outer sole was torn to pieces. Also they feel shit on your feet. No wonder sam hill doesn't use them…

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