Minnaar was fastest in timed training

If Minnaar wins three times in a row I’m going to quit watching these things.

I would drown a puppy if that’s what it took for Sam Hill to win.

Obviously everybody everywhere is cheering for either Sam Hill or Josh Bryceland, but let’s talk about who we want to lose. Here’s my top three, with number one being the biggest bummer if they win:

3. Greg Minnaar

I’m happy for you Greg, I’m just not that happy for you. Three in a row seems a little excessive.

2. Anybody from France

This isn’t an attack on Loic Bruni as much as it’s a standard, longstanding World Champs rule- don’t let the French guy win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3o5SB1CfgU

1. Lord Bummer

If he wins there is no justice in this world.

9 thoughts on “Minnaar was fastest in timed training

  1. Black guy on the right looks just like I'd imagine a black guy would feel hoisting a grinning white boy on his shoulders.

    I would be willing to Hail Sagan if Sam Hill could win.

  2. Chazz- wtf is up with that new Cross Training video you guys just put out???
    I mean, first you get schooled at the skate park, then you go ride some grandma trails in a city park……..then you strap a couple of fucking TACO TRAYS to your feet and call that “tacoboarding”…………………???

    WTF were you dudes thinking?!?
    Were you guys tweaking or something ????? Did you have a Juicebud freak out?

    Web edits are supposed to showcase skills. You have multiple takes> Go up to Post canyon and do some road gaps, or play some footage of your win at Stevens Pass

    (Right now – Richard Cunningham is laughing his ass off at this vid…….and not in a good way)

  3. wislar induro wusnt 2 hard. u r dum and u suk. I am so much better at jumps and I am gonna win all the races 2 once I get a new bike. PLZ FOLLW ME ON INSTAGAM #420bonerstudworldcup

  4. I cheered when Ham Pill scorpioned on those rocks. Can't race on easy tracks and still eats shit in the rocks. More whining to come I'm sure.

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