9 thoughts on “All Hail Lord Bummer

  1. better than Ham winning that's for sure. At least Gee can win on any type of track, unlike Ham.

  2. You would think Team-Robot would fucking love Gee, he is the closest thing to a robot. Unlike you non-robot hating fucker. Fuck. fuuuuuuuiiiiiuck.


    Ps, Ratboy is a hippe

  3. What Lord Bummer should have been saying on his victory comments was; I got fucking lucky! Josh was the fastest man today hope my mate is ok! But he's such a self absorbed lame ass.

  4. This post if further proof that this site is the only mtb site on the interweb saying the things that we are all actually thinking.

    And while we're at it – f u Norco and Giant. Thanks for unleashing the 650b on us. Wait. This should be more of a thank you. Thanks to 650 fever, you can now buy any number of 26″ carbon fiber dream bikes on PB for 1/3 their value. Thanks. And the rest of you who just bought new 650b's are idiots.

  5. If you consider the no-chain handicap, Neko won.

    If you consider the bike handicap, Brosnan won.

  6. If we observe the repeated pattern of Sam Hill crashing and Gee winning, is :-

    A) Hill a better bike rider.
    B) Hill exhibiting poor risk judgement.
    C) Gee just stumbling into lucky rainbow jerseys, unaware of what is going on..

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