What everyone’s been waiting for

Do you remember sitting around with all your bro’s at the shop, drinking beers after the workday ended and wondering “when is Ellsworth finally going to release a carbon Dare?”

Today your questions have been answered:

Due to the patented ICT linkage design the engineers at Ellsworth weren’t able fit in the 15″ BB height that consumers were demanding, but they believe the 14.9″ BB is a good compromise.

8 thoughts on “What everyone’s been waiting for

  1. I was wondering how long it would take you to rip on this abortion of a bike. Thank you.

    You can't blame them though, they are responding to the ever increasing demand of 8+” travel freeride hucking bikes that require front derailleurs, 42″ wb's, and 69 degree head angles.

  2. trololololl, Ellsworth is before time – DH bikes competing under UCI WC is forced by new regulation from 2016 to have a bb height of atleast 14.7. STUPID ROBOT

  3. What I want to know is how much the new owners of the Ellsworth name paid for all the hack publicity they are receiving?
    Every MTB website out there knows no-one gives two fucks about Ellsworth, and even Pinkbike knows there's nothing 'new' about that abortion.
    And yet they are all posting about this shit heap like it's somehow relevant.

  4. Charlie-
    You should go down to the Ellsworth booth at Interbike and just flip out on their asses about this……..
    I suggest you pound your fist on their display table multiple times- and say things like……
    1. “Nobody wants your outdated and over priced garbage !!”
    2. “How are you guys still in business??!”
    3. “Do you know who the fuck I am?? I'm the fucking guy who just made the taco boarding video, that's who !”

  5. Wait…no mention of the ridiculous adjustable travel “feature”?

    You're slipping Team-Robot…

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