This is the most IMBA thing you’ll see all week

These are the people who are making your new “downhill” trail.

The producers of this video clip edited out the part where Fatbike guy qualifies the bobsled comparison, “except for the part where you have one tenth the excitement, speed, vertical drop, and none of the fall line sections that you’d expect on an olympic bobsled track.”

In a related story, I won a bike race on a 29er this weekend.

More on that later.

8 thoughts on “This is the most IMBA thing you’ll see all week

  1. Not only does that Albright guy make my eyes bleed with wheels stuffed in the corners of shitty wide-angle shots, but he posts a race report without a single riding shot of the actual winner. Blowing it.

  2. That video made me want to become a roadie…fuck that was bad on so many levels.
    Similarly, having actually been down the Olympic Bob-run in Lake Placid as a brakeman for a two-man bobsled, that trail is incomparably tame to its namesake. Also, never go bobsledding, it is the least fun thing I've ever done; It's like being pushed down a staircase in a washing machine.

  3. sweet trail, that bobsled. i ll take my daughter there after she's born. like the week after of course, i'm still a responsible adult.

  4. Hey, the job went to the lowest bidding IMBA contractor, and that is the most important factor contributing to the awesomeness of the trail system.

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