Seatpost height

If the collar on your dropper post is slammed against the seatpost clamp, I’m going to assume you’re either on the wrong size frame or you have no idea how to find proper seat height.

14 thoughts on “Seatpost height

  1. So if I want to put a 150mm drop reverb on a frame where the original 125mm had over an inch clearance above collar I should buy smaller frame?

  2. any santa cruz rider should know all about that being you have to ride a frame 2 sizes bigger to get a proper top tube length..too bad all those companies are going to try to milk their carbon molds from 2013 for a few more years being that they were outdated 6months after the bikes were released..

  3. Or maybe it's one of those situations where the seatpost is at the exact right height, and the collar just happens to butt up against the seat tube. Stranger things have happened…

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