8 thoughts on “Freeriders

  1. Nothing compares to Rampage. It is the pinnacle of the sport now, more prestigious than the rainbow jersey. Who remembers who won World's? Every since Danny Hart's big run World Cup DH has become stale and pedally. Now that enduro bike are winning on most of the DH tracks, Rampage is the only burly event left so you better jump on the bandwagon before you get labeled as someone who is afraid to go big. That's happening to a lot of enduro guys.

  2. Charlie –
    Mr. anonymous is right. In fact, you need to drop everything and plan a trip to the Rampage site this fall,- ASAP……..and bring Cory T. Cuz he's gonna film your newest web edit titled:
    Teamrobot hits a 50ft drop on a 29er at the Rampage site!!!

    Let me put this into language you can understand:
    Right now = Wil White > Teamrobot
    (note: This is the same thing I recommended two years ago) YOLO

  3. Yeah, in case you missed the memo: If you don't have s double crown fork on don't bother filming anything cause you know it ain't gonna be legit so don't waste everyone's time.

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