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Another conspiracy afoot, and another pressing issue that needs delving into. Is this a unilateral act by Commencal only, or is Commencal merely a pawn playing out the first move in a greater chess game that is, in fact, an industry wide conspiracy?

We immediately connected with BikeJames about this conspiracy, a meeting of the minds if you will, and he has deferred this hot lead to the investigatory journalists here at THE BOT. Sort of like when the grizzled, time-tested but tired head dog journalist at the paper gives the young up-and-comer a shot at the big time, reluctant but ready to pass the torch to the next generation. Like when Tommy Lee Jones trains Will Smith in MIB, but he’s not training his partner, he’s really training his replacement.

We won’t let you down, James. TEAM ROBOT: you new source for top notch investigatory journalism.

This is pretty much what it’s like at ROBOT HQ, except with more strippers and blow.

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