Kill me now

If I never hear the word “zone” used in a mountain bike context ever again, I’ll be a happy robot.

If there aren’t any trails there yet, you can just call it “a hill.”

10 thoughts on “Kill me now

  1. I don't know what it means, you should do a dictionary of Rampage and freeride terminology.

  2. More annoying to me is the term ' laps ' , sure if you are riding up and down that makes it a lap , but if you are uplifting/chairlift/pushing it's not a lap , NOT a lap.

    A lap is a circuit that returns to it's starting point as the finish , XC/AM/Enduro guys do laps (or at least should many uplfit their ' do it all ' bikes ) .

    Dh riders do runs.

  3. More annoying to me is the name Jungle. You say I can't take my enduro bike on lift? F off and you know what F stands for. If I hike my DH bike up then is it NOT a lap? I say IT IS A LAP! See how stupid everything you say is?

    DH riders do your girlfriend. Cause you sat on the seat to long pedaling and are impotent now.

  4. Actually I'm a DHer that pushes up the hill to get my runs out 🙂
    Runs not laps , can you think of any other sport where you only ride/run/fly/what ever half way , then get a lift to the top and call it a lap ?

    Examples of runs : DK skiing , DH MTB , toboggan , WRC rally , 100 meter sprints.

    Examples of laps : F1 , any running event over 400m , XC/AM , anything where you return to the start by the form of locomotion you started with.

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