Insanely boring

If you were to poll the internet I’d in the minority here, but I find the current prevailing construct for web videos to be insanely boring:

The worst part is this: the Graves video featured above is a best case scenario. It’s a video of a good racer, riding cool trails, with good camera work… but it’s still almost unwatchable. I was halfway asleep before they showed Graves doing anything remotely creative and cool. Up until the 3:30 mark it was just “dude riding main lines set to slow music and epic b-roll.”

Obviously the video is going to getting crazy amounts of views and likes and faves and comments, but I only finished watching it out of a sense of duty and borderline curiosity.

And it’s not the rider’s fault, either. My complaints are 100% directed at the people in the editing booth. You could take exactly the same footage AND b-roll, and with a different soundtrack and maybe some clips of the rider acting like a normal human being you could have an interesting video that at least remotely resembles an actual mountain bike experience.

Stop making these videos, mountain bike industry. Please make it stop.

7 thoughts on “Insanely boring

  1. I get your point and think you're right about most videos, but in this case I think his riding was good enough to make in work, so I quite enjoyed it!
    But I wish they would make some more action loaded videos and less dramatic stuff in general!

  2. The video is awful, but face it, you suck more ya little brat. I've included another video. There are guys who shave their legs and give each other race-day enemas that can ride that. It is just… embarrassing.

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