Memory lane

1st GREG MINNAAR Santa Cruz Syndicate 2.41.34
2nd NATHAN RENNIE Santa Cruz Syndicate 2.46.02
3rd GEE ATHERTON Animal Commencal 2.47.00
4th FABIEN BAREL Subaru Mountain Bike Pro 2.47.64
5th CHRIS KOVARIK Chain Reaction Cycles / Intense 2.48.38
6th ANDREW NEETHLING Mongoose 2.48.67
7th STEVE PEAT Santa Cruz Syndicate 2.48.78
8th JARED RANDO Giant 2.49.19
9th BRYN ATKINSON GT Bicycles 2.49.39
10th SAM BLENKINSOP Yeti/Fox 2.50.01
Here are some fun facts I completely forgot about: 
  • Kovarik made it on the podium for the most pedally downhill race of recent memory with flat pedals. That’s three Burgtec flat pedal riders in the top ten at the pedaliest race ever.
  • Greg Minnaar won by an unimaginable 4.5 seconds on a sub three-minute track.
  • The Canberra track was almost identical, but over 10 seconds slower in 2008 than at World’s in 2009.
  • Sam Hill is nowhere to be found in the top ten, finishing 11th, making his bid for the overall a lot harder. It came down to a points battle with Greg at the next and the final race in Schladming, but with a different venue instead of Canberra, or a different result from Sam at the pedal track, we may have been looking at three back to back to back years of Sam Hill winning the World Cup overall. This was the second to last race of the season in 2008, and it pretty much secured Greg’s win, also cementing his place on the Syndicate for, apparently, forever.
  • Lord Bummer smiled one time:

All good things.