7 thoughts on “People suck

  1. Great little read and completely see his point on trails being nearly the same.

    I call them cut and paste trails , same repetitive elevation changes , same car park gravel material ' dirt 'same berms , yawn.

  2. shallow/too high berms designed by skiers and snowboarders (Schleyers). If you must deviate from flat corners then the berm should be no higher than your hub, be nearly vertical, and have a steeper entrance than exit.

  3. here's an idea: stop growing the sport. what's the advantage of bringing the public to a finite resource? Let them play football, get concussions, go to college for business degrees, and teach their children to do the same.

  4. Hey Robot,

    Hear hear. It's nice to have trails with regional character. Heck, any character would be nice on some of the newer stuff…

    Keep mountain biking technical.

  5. @ bobby: Well said. Everyone is always going on about how they need to grow the sport. Why? In the twenty years I've been doing it, mountain biking has never looked like it might be facing extinction. But the more it grows, the worse mountain biking gets. More and more tyres = trail builders are now building roads to cope. New riders then think this is what mountain biking is and demand it. Now I go to an XC race and have to race on “singletrack” that is nearly 2 metres wide. And the climbs have been taken out, to make the sport more accessible.

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