BREAKING NEW!!! from a LEGENDary friend

A local LEGEND I know actually said this with a straight face:

“Loam is good training for cyclocross, yes? Haven’t touched the cross bike since April, can’t recall doing an interval set since last winter, don’t even know where my bike is, but hopefully flogging mtb’s up big terrain and tons of hard grovelling up/down granite in the Sierra Nevada has done something good….. And 2 days rest after a hard month of PT and getting after it from injury is enough rest, eh? ‪#‎unusualtrainingtactics‬ ‪#‎cx2015‬ see ya’ll in Bend!

Reading his Facebook page is one of my favorite things.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEW!!! from a LEGENDary friend

  1. you probably know this, but it bothers me to no end: 'loam' is a soil containing equal parts silt, clay and sand, a.k.a. normal fucking dirt. what MTBers are incorrectly describing is soil with high organic content, or humus.

    soil science. how does it work.

  2. The last thing I expected to do here was learn science. TR readers are raising the bar – that is certainly unexpected.

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