14 thoughts on “ETT Aaron Chase edition

  1. Somebody has to call out the bs in this sport. If you are a freerider and you are too old for Rampage, do the young guys a favor and just retire. This happens naturally in racing but for some reason the freerider hanger-ons hang on way to long. Hans Rey did it first and set the stage now all these other over the hill players are just playing out their played out careers but play chicken little when Rampage comes around! “Oh its crazy its so big! “. But guys like Cedric, Shaums March, Lopes, and Kovarik are still racing at least. Meanwhile Mike King has a new tire design out.

  2. And Aaron Chase hitting a flat turn weird is BS how? Also he was never in Rampage so I don't see how that's taking the younger guys spot. The guy is known for jibby stuff on his hardtail, not for trying to make it down Rampage.

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