Coast Bike Park, brah

Am I the only one that think this berm looks horrible? Not sure if it’s the distortion from the lens or if the berm is actually that wonky but, yeah… that kind of looks like it sucks.

7 thoughts on “Coast Bike Park, brah

  1. Whistler has some shitty berms too, we should post pictures of those on here as a public shaming for bad berms. In all honesty if memory serves me correct you're right, that isn't the best berm on the mountain. But they have some damn fun trails there. Including the best jump trails I've ridden, sans freeride flicks I still enjoyed them.. And I'm Canadian!

  2. never trust a skier, I mean freerider to build a berm. too flat, way too high, steep exit. a racer's berm can be a rut and provide better speed than those ski hill abominations.

  3. Yep no way possible that the fish-eye lens shot from above the trail up a tree is in anyway distorting things. Nope.

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