More ETT cornering form

Old news, but still funny.

In the Pinkbike comments everyone seems upset about the fact that Levi Leipheimer, a former roadie doper, was featured in the video as a representative of our industry.

Me personally, I’m more worried that everyone involved seems to think Levi’s cornering form (as featured above) is acceptable for use in mass media. Riding as pictured above could set the entire industry back 10-20 years, back to the days of highposting with Johnny T in “ReTread.”

I’ll give it to Levi, though, his form is certainly “dynamic.”

He’s also a leading member of the Peter Verdone school of stem sizing:

My favorite thing about Peter Verdone articles is that he likes to juxtapose his lengthy expositions with one-word follow-up sentences for emphasis. Sweet.

Because that format will never get old. Period.

If you want to know why the look on his face screams “holding on for dear life” it’s because he is, and on that bike you’d be holding on for dear life too. Crazy.

12 thoughts on “More ETT cornering form

  1. jesus, is that guy for real? He should say “Let's pretend that professional downhill racers don't exist, so here's my theory on bike set up.” Him and James Wilson should date. They would make for the perfect pairing.

    Bravo Robot on one of your best posts yet.

  2. UCI is holding World Cup Enduro races this year, Peter Verdone got the first scoop on that big story.

  3. When he says that he thinks SC is making a mistake by going with a threaded BB (in the part about how poorly engineered the Nomad is), he loses all credibility. That, and when he was actually considering a 120mm stem before going with a 100mm, -15 degree gem in the pic.

  4. there is no such thing as a former doper. once you dope, you are ahead for ever. fact. thats why robots hate dope, because if we all dope just a little, they might not catch us, as a species. maybe. probably not though.

  5. I run into this stuff, my uncle raced mtb in the 80's, and was telling me about how aggressive and DH his 5-spot is.

    PVD's ok, he's just an XC weenie from Marin who is finding out about a new sport.

  6. That Peter Verdone guy writes some of the worst bullshit I've ever encountered in my time as a MTB enthusiast, and he actually thinks that he's an expert on bike setup…

  7. I was expecting a much more “in depth” analysis of the PVD blathering. The robots are weakening.

  8. Clearly this guys has solid gold credentials. From his Facebook page:

    Cody Bouc: Peter Verdone you didn't really touch upon the Ultra slack Ha and how it affected climbing and descending flatter trails/corners
    December 1 at 4:33am · Like

    Peter Verdone: Head angle mainly effects the efficiency of the fork functioning in various conditions. I don't think much about it otherwise. Front center is the main factor for most mountain biking. When people talk about head angle and top tube length, they usually don't know what they are talking about.
    December 1 at 4:36am · Like · 1

    Cody Bouc: so head tube angle doesn't affect trail ot steering angles, or weight balance then…..
    December 1 at 4:39am · Edited · Like · 2

    Cody Bouc: Or Lazer berms
    December 1 at 4:39am · Like

    Peter Verdone: It does. It's just not the biggest factor to worry about. Get the head angle set to how the fork needs to be biased. Then adjust the wheel position with front center. Fit the rider over the bike with the stem and seatpost. Simple.
    December 1 at 4:40am · Like · 1

    Cody Bouc: I was asking how it affected the ride in different conditions. you're telling me this same bike with a 69 degree ha won't ride drastically different?
    December 1 at 4:41am · Like

    Peter Verdone: As long as they have the front center the same they will be very close. The fork will have more of a bending load on the 69 when ridden like a DH bike. Just like XC bikes suck with slack angles as the fork is all stictioned and bunged up to float over terrain.

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