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Dan Atherton just finished answering questions over on Pinkbike, and I think I’m supposed to rush over there, watch Red Bull’s new FREAKING TWENTY MINUTE video about him making trails, and then ask him a bunch of questions about Rach and Gee and reveal the borderline creepy amount we all know about their family.

On Reddit “Ask me anything” actually means ask me anything, so I took that to heart and delved into the serious questions TEAM ROBOT readers have been pining to ask Dan, or “Affy” as his friends and lots of people on the internet who’ve never met him but feel a close bond with him after watching hours of him riding and talking about riding call him.

The Questions:

  • Do you think Clay Porter’s films are a little boring? Just a little? Maybe?
  • Why do Germans love Richie Schley so much?
  • What’s your favorite Earthed movie?
  • What tire pressure do you run?
  • Would you consider going out with Madonna? She’s really old, but she was married to Guy Ritchie once, and he’s British. You’re British. You two have a lot in common.
  • Your old Commencal team kits from animal had those concentric circles around the shoulders, and it kind of looked like you had body armor on even though you didn’t. How do you feel about that?
  • What’s your favorite Van Halen album?
  • You were sponsored by Nissan for a while. Do you have a bunch of sweet Nissans now? I really like the Maxima, it seems like a good blend of drivable power and good fuel efficiency.
  • Do you remember the Queen’s diamond jubilee two years ago? That was great. Paul McCartney’s still got it.
  • Do you run your suspension soft or do you like big front tires?
  • When you built hardline did you think Danny was going to win? He’s short.
  • Do you prefer Chinese food or Mexican when you’re in the states?
  • I’m guessing you’re at Red Bull HQ right now in Santa Monica. Have you ridden the Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk yet? It’s great, you can see so far from the top.
  • You guys were sponsored by Contour but they went out of business and then they got bought by Sony. Do you ever think about that before a race run?
  • A lot of companies have been going with much longer front centers, slacker head angles, and shorter stems lately. Being British, does it bother you that I said “centers” instead of “centres?”
  • How do you say Innerleithen?
  • How do you say Ruaridh?
  • Why does Richard Cunynghame spell his name so weird? Is that so people don’t think he’s Richard Cunningham? Did you ever confuse Richard Cunynghame with Richard Cunningham? Richie Cunningham was Ron Howard’s character on “Happy Days.”
  • Do you run wide handlebars compared to Greg Minnaar? I heard he runs 808’s, which is also a great bass effect for hip hop.
  • Why do you use such a short shovel? My shovel has a way longer handle.
  • Do you drink beers ever, or are you always training? I train a lot, too, so we have that in common.
  • Do you like football at all? Or futbol? I don’t speak spanish.
  • If you came to a fork in the road and one way said “Red Bull Hardline” and the other way said “Red Bull Crashed Ice” how much low speed compression would you run on your new 2015 Fox 36?

We didn’t get a full list of answers to our most pressing questions, but Dan did take time to answer a few:

On his Hardline predictions (no mention of Danny Hart’s height):

No – I thought Brendan was going to win but he f**ked up.

On Richard Cunynghame’s name:

cos his mum and dad are posh

On Clay Porter’s movies and whether they’re boring:

only the ones about me

Thanks for your time, Dan. We’re here if you ever want the exclusive TEAM ROBOT interview.

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  1. I thought the video was pretty good. The replies to the “ask me anything” were poor though. You were in there like a pesky kid.

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