25 thoughts on “The Rise of Enduro

  1. Rumor has it the 'Director's Cut' includes hacks whining about the Whistler round being too difficult.

  2. ok you're taking the piss out of enduro racing now? that shit's legit. it may be hard to see through the marketing machine but “enduro” racing is as true to mountain biking as it could ever get. you ride up, you race down. what's not to like about that?

  3. Here's the thing with that Josh Carlson scene. He did everything right… and then he qualified his silly little Ikea toy joke. This is what's wrong with Enduro people. Don't explain shit. Just do. It was funny before you said it was more difficult or intricate. Like this video. It was cool until you told me it was cool.

    Also Anonymous guy. Charlie is a leading top professional competitor of Enduro in a regional in the PNW. I believe you are ill informed about who is making fun of what.

  4. Ben – anonymous guy here.
    I know who the robot leader is, thank you.
    I don't know him like you do, but I am assuming he has a sense of humor…unlike you, apparently.
    I am also assuming your real name is Steve.

  5. I really think that if you read into what I wrote with (excellent) sarcasm in mind you'll see my real goal here was not calling you out on anything. You were my gateway to make fun of Charlie for never doing well outside the PNW. You were merely an instrument of my taunting.

    Or was it…Perhaps this whole thing is just to confuse and entrap anyone who takes anything on this comments section seriously. A test, if you will for anyone willing to bite.

  6. This shit is insufferable. Imagine if the rest of the world was this quick to suck itself off…




  7. have any of the haters actually tried enduro racing? probably not, or if they did, they probably sucked hard. you should try it, you might like it.

  8. I have raced enduro and enjoyed it.

    But can we please have a moratorium on enduro video's until at least 2016? I'm just not feeling it.

    What happens in enduro should stay in enduro. No more filming trail bikes!

  9. its funny, I actually watched most of that video and I never watch mtb vids. I found that 100x more interesting than some fucking monster energy brah hucker do kick outs and not lean over in berms. DH is good to watch too, but most of those guys are so godamn good it seems unattainable.

  10. Looks like some people watched it based on Radek's post of bandwidth used.

    It should have been just “enduro” riders out shredding trail bikes, non of the interview bs.

  11. “DH is good to watch too, but most of those guys are so godamn good it seems unattainable.”
    -So the above statement is stupid. Videos should be more than just marketing tools they should be entertaining. They should showcase exceptional athletes pushing their limits. The only asshole spending any time producing a video showcasing what is attainable to the douche bags I know, is me. And you know what? I shouldn't be doing that. That's a waste of time.
    To the guy who doesn't want trail bikes filmed, that's stupid too. The bikes are rad. The riding you often see is just usually at a very “attainable” level.
    This movie is ridiculous because they're just pushing this Enduro product so hard. It's like an infomercial for the EWS. If you want to produce a movie about racing, make it about racing. Find a story and tell it. Don't market your racing format to me. If I didn't already know the rules I wouldn't be watching your movie in the first place.

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