Transition Bikes rider Lars Sternberg sidelined for 2015 season with third-degree groin injury sustained in company photo shoot.

TEAM ROBOT caught up with Lars over a bite to hear the latest on his injury:

“Yeah, it’s brutal. This groin injury, it sucks. You know, you practice and practice to get ready for the shot, I knew that splitze was a big move, but one missed spot on the ice by the Zamboni driver and BAM! Game over, zero margin for error. Yeah, it’s a huge blow to my enduro career. I’ve been talking a lot to friends and family about what direction to take after this injury, and my good friend Richie Schley had a lot of helpful words of wisdom. He’s a guy who’s been here. After talking with Richie, I think I should be able to schleyble top and skid my way into paychecks for another decade or so, racing or no.”

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  1. What's Palmer doing in there on the left side with legwarmers? He already gave up on coaching the Cali kids to see if he can dominate ice skating?

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