Mountain biking sucks

I’ve been riding a lot at the Lumberyard lately, which is my own fault, but what I’ve witnessed has been nothing less than tragic.

Most mountain bikers wouldn’t drop in on this over vert at Burnside. I’d also put money on the kid in the background, the one staring at preggers homegirl with an unmistakeable mix of fear, uncertainty, and a vague sense of guilt, that kid could crush 90% of mountain bikers in any skatepark.

To the general mountain bike population: kill yourself now.

6 thoughts on “Mountain biking sucks

  1. As a long time skateboarder I am endorsing this message x1000. Those fuckers are as true grit as they come. We mtb'ers generally suck.

  2. although little Johnny is wearing a helmet on a skateboard, which takes him down a notch or two. Hopefully he has an angry dad there who beats him if he doesn't wear one. You know, for safety reasons

  3. Skater could kick MTBers ass at skating in a skate park? You don't fucking say!? What the fuck is the point of this blog entry? You're slipping, Charlie.

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